The element of Fire is represented in our workout as energy, and sometimes it can be difficult to summon up enough energy to workout. Sometimes it feels like it takes everything we’ve got just to complete our day to day tasks. This exercise is to help you focus on raising your energy, ideally done at midday as Fire is the element of Noontime when the sun is highest in the sky, but it can help lift your reserves anytime. This exercise will take a minimum of 3 to 5 minutes, but can be longer, the duration is up to you.

Stand facing the south with legs shoulder width apart and arms stretched out to the sides, level with your shoulders. Close your eyes and turn your focus inward to the center of your body. Take a deep breath and say

Guardians of the South, Guardians of Fire

I summon your power to build my energy

Thank for the energy that moves my body and stimulates my mind

I grow stronger and healthier with each movement I make

So mote it be

Take a deep breath, then as you exhale, bend forward at the waist and stretch your hands toward the floor as far as they will go, touching the floor if you are able to. It’s fine if you bend your knees. As you inhale deeply, pull your hands up and straighten up slowly, imagining that you are pulling energy from the earth. Imagine energy as a pulsing red light, and as you straighten up, the light fills you from your feet all the way through your body to the top of your head. Straighten all the way up on your inhalation, visualizing your body filling with pulsing red light. When you are standing straight, exhale. Take another deep breath and repeat, bending towards the floor as you exhale, then inhaling and pulling the energy into your body as you straighten. Repeat a minimum of 8 times, more if you wish. After your last inward breath and return to standing, blow your last exhalation out forcibly and quickly. To close your meditation, say

Thank you, Guardians of the South, Guardians of Fire. Thank you for the power of energy. Return to the South, return to the heat. I bid you hail and farewell.