img_2675If you’re like me, you’ve spent a lot of time on the couch in front of the TV or computer (or both!), mindlessly watching or surfing and ignoring those little signs from your body that you REALLY need to get up and move. Like the pain in your knees when you stand up. Or the sore, stiff back when you get out of bed in the morning. Or the heavy breathing after climbing one flight or stairs. Maybe you’ve looked into workout routines but were put off by the mindlessness of repetitive motions. Maybe you’ve just been waiting for something to inspire you. Or maybe you’ve had that ‘uh oh’ moment, the cosmic 2 x 4 upside the head from the universe.

Whatever has brought you here, now is the moment to put aside apprehensions and doubts. All you need to do is make a start. The following incantation is meant to get you up and on the road to better health and can take as little as 5 to 10 minutes from your day. Here is how to begin.

You’re going to walk. Choose a path that you can take in a circle, whether it’s around the block, around your house or just around your room. You will walk this path 5 times in a clockwise motion, then once counter-clockwise. For best results, conduct these circles 3 to 5 times per week. Each week, extend your distance until you are regularly walking 20 to 30  minutes each time.

On the first circle, say


Guardians of the East, Guardians of Air, representing breath

Thank you for the breath that fills my lungs and cleanses my body

Help me transform  breath into health and strength with every step I take

So mote it be

On the second circle, say

Guardians of the South, Guardians of Fire, representing energy

Thank you for the energy that allows me to move and changes my body

Help me transform energy into health and strength with every step I take

So mote it be

On the third circle, say

Guardians of the West, Guardians of Water, representing blood

Thank you for the blood that flows through my veins and infuses my body

Help me transform blood into health and strength with every step I take

So mote it be

On the fourth circle, say

Guardians of the North, Guardians of Earth, representing flesh and bone

Thank you for the flesh and bone that makes up my body

Help me transform flesh and bone into health and strength with every step I take

So mote it be

And on the fifth circle, the final in this direction, say

Loving Lady, my nurturing Mother

Noble Lord, my protecting Father

Thank you for the spirit within me that connects me to you

Help me with this transformation

Help me achieve the goals of a healthy, strong body so I may be more in tune with this spirit 

And may I walk the path of love and peace with every step I take

So mote it be

Once you have completed the fifth clockwise circle, turn around and walk once counterclockwise, and say

Thank you, loving Lady

Thank you, Noble Lord

Thank you, Guardians of East, South, West and North

Thank you for guiding my steps and helping me to achieve my goals

Return now to those realms which are your own, I bid you farewell

I here end this circle with love

And as you complete the final circle, end with

So mote it be

CONGRATULATIONS! You have taken your first steps toward enlightenment through physical fitness! Wherever your journey takes you, however many steps, I wish you love and good health from this day forward.